Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fish Facts

1a. Fish like meat are cadavers of murdered or suffocated animals,
full of bacteria. Fish meat and dairy account for 97% of
all food poisoning fatalities.
1b. Anaphylactic shock can be a fatal effect of eating shellfish.
2. The countries with the highest rates of fish consumption
have the most stomach cancer. Korea, Japan, Norway, Peru,
and other coastal countries are included in the list.
3. In fish factory farms, the captives are fed food containing the bone meal
of other animals. Thus Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken, Mad Turkey, Mad Lamb,
Mad Elk, Mad Deer, Mad Dog, Mad Cat etc. become Mad Fish.
4. Even the livers of Arctic polar bears contain toxic polychlorinated
biphenols, pumped by GE and other firms into the world's
waters. Cleanup in the Hudson alone will take untold billions.
5. Fish concentrate brain damaging mercury, arsenic, chromium,
and other metals and toxins in their flesh. They are at the
top of the ocean food chain as meat is at the top of the land
food chain. The book SILENT SPRING by Rachel Carson documents
concentration of toxins in fish at 1000 to 1 the ratio of these
toxins in water.
6. Shellfish and catfish are the number two cause of hepatitis, since shellfish (lobsters, clams, scallops etc) are coprophagous,
eating the unprocessed human waste dumped into the ocean
from many cities.
7. Choking on meat and fish is the 6th major cause of
accidental death.
8. Commercial interests in partnership with corporate media,
coopted schools of nutrition etc. are marketing omega 3
fatty acids from fish oil, without informing the public
that fish oil concentrates toxins. Dick Gregory: Eating
cod liver oil is like eating the filter out of a car.
9. Studies indicate fisheaters are more likely to experience
breath problems, as the suffocation and strangulation experienced
by many fish boomerangs on the consumer.
10. Owen Parrett, MD has written that even Rocky Mountain
trout from the purest streams have tiny intestinal worms.